Inland Empire Sport-Touring Riders

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These Guidelines are published so that you can know what is expected during our group rides.

  1. Communicate

    1. Please RSVP using the Google+ Event posts. Indicate “Yes” to rides you intend to attend, “Maybe” to those you’ll earnestly try to attend, and “No” to those you won’t be attending.
    2. Notify us if you’re leaving early. If, for any reason you need to depart from the ride prior to its conclusion, please indicate this fact to the ride leader at your earliest opportunity. That way we won’t worry you went off the road and died or waste time looking for your wreckage.
    3. Know & use established standardized hand signals (see links below) to indicate to other riders road hazards, upcoming turns, your intentions, etc.
  2. Respect

    1. Respect the ride leader and the other riders at all times. Follow the rider ahead of you at a safe & prudent distance. Not too close, but not too far behind either.
      Pass the ride leader at your own risk! If you pass the leader and miss a turn as a result, that’s your own fault.
    2. Respect the group by being considerate of everyone’s schedule and TRY HARD TO ARRIVE ON TIME, READY TO DEPART AT THE PUBLISHED TIME WITH A FULL TANK OF GAS. Your fellow riders likely have other things planned for later in the day with their families which are contingent on the published end time.
    3. Respect yourself and your skills. Always “Ride Your Own Ride” which, put simply, means that you shouldn’t ride faster or harder than your ability & comfort level, as well as the conditions & situation, dictate. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you behind; we regroup at every turn or fork in the road.
  3. Represent our avocation well

    1. NO SQUIDS! Wear appropriate safety gear which will protect you in the unlikely event of a crash. Typically this includes at minimum a DOT & SNELL approved helmet, sturdy motorcycling gloves & boots, and a jacket with CE rated armor in impact zones.
    2. Don’t be a jerk to other riders or motorists. If you pass other riders or motorists, do so safely & politely.
    3. Invite other like-minded riders. If you know of other riders who will be a good addition to the group, feel free to invite them to accompany us on a ride. Make certain they review these guidelines first.

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  1. Captain Chris

    TP I just finished reading the rules you laid down. Excellent! I couldn’t agree more. Especially the part of informing the ride leader, but I think that we’ll have to accept the fact that some people will just wave good-bye to the designated sweeper when they decide to turn around & go home. I’m OK with that. Do not pass the ride leader. Again fine with me except when we’re out in the desert. Know what I mean. Can you say-time to twist the wick- at least for a little while. Just make sure your tires are in good shape. CJ

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